lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Ecosystems Project

This is a great site where you can find a lot of information about ecosystems, foodchains, etc. There are some games you can play too!!! Have a look!!!

Food Chains Popplet:

1) The aim of this Popplet is to make a Food Chain.

2) You have to take into account all the members that form a food chain and the way that energy flows from one to another. Be sure that you´ve included the main source of energy and all the following categories (at least one example of each: producers - primary consumer (herbivore) - secondary consumer (carnivore) - scavengers and decomposers.

3) You have to include one photograph of each member.

4) You have to include information about each category.

5) In an extra square answer the following questions: What is a predator and what is a prey? Give an example.

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