martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Project work: Biomes

In 5th form, we are just starting our project on Biomes. Today we visited some great sites on this topic, they are all extremely useful for planning your project. Here you have the links: you will find information, pictures, ideas and even games!! Check them out

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Agus Timmis dijo...

Miss Laura I think that this project is going to be very funny!!!.

Agustina Puente dijo...

I love the proyect !! Agus Puente :)

Florchu dijo...

Miss Laura this project is very IMPORTANT and I love it is very fun.

the grup of:

Mora, Agus.P, Guada Y Flor.

Florchu dijo...

its very fun this project of the biomes I will love to do another!!!!!

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