viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Literature Assignment

Some questions about "The Witches"

Here are the questions I would like you to answer during the winter holidays. Remember not to copy the questions. Just write the complete answers, in a tidy way, to hand them in on Wednesday, 6th August. Be careful! Because some questions have two parts! And remember that you can use the book to answer all questions... that's great help!

1- Who was the author of the book? Write what you remember about his life.

2- Who was the illustrator? Which was his relationship with the author?

3- What is strange about grandma's thumb? Do we know what happened to it?

4- What do witches look like? (Write a full description!).

5- How did Ranghild Hansen disappear?

6- Which are the steps you have to follow to prepare the "Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker"? (Write them in bullet points, as in a recipe).

7- How did Bruno's dad react when the grandma told him that Bruno was a mouse?

8- Draw the dining-room scene, in which witches are turned into mice.

9- Mention three things that grandma did to adapt her house for the boy, who was a mouse.

10- Did you like the story? Why/Why not? (Give a good, complete answer to this question).

I know you'll be able to answer all these questions. Good luck! 

And happy holidays! Enjoy!

Miss Luchi.

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